The monsoons are a welcome change from the sweltering summer heat, and we all love monsoons but they bring some very unwelcome guests which must be avoided at all costs.
Yes... we are talking about the hassles and health problem that we usually come along with plesent rains. So...I'm going to tell you some of the useful tips  and precautions to keep all  these problems at bay.
So lets get started............

1.Follow a healthy diet.

Diseases in the rainy season are mostly water-borne so make sure you only drink water that is filtered or boiled. it is also important to maintain a healthy diet in rainy season, that means tour favourite junk-food, chaat, juices, golas , kulfis and other street food are off the menu and add some raw vegetables and salad and home-cooked food rather than from hotels and dhaba. and before you eat them make sure you them properly otherwise dust particals on them can cause you harm.

2.avoid walking\bathing in the rain.

Although walking in the rain is pleasant and fun but It also not good for your health. walking in rain water makes you prone to a host of viral diseases such as leptospirosis and can also cause numerous fungal infections at the feet and nails.
If your feet get wet, dry them immediately and do not stay in wet socks or shoes and if your clothes are wet, change them immediately, and do not sit in a cooler or ac beacause it can cause you a fever or body pain, headache etc.

3.Drink enough water according your activity level.

Do not compensate your liquid intake with carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks and beverages as the preservatives and sugars in them act as diuretics.
herbal teas with anti-bacterial properties are a good idea.

4.keep clear of damp indoors.

Damp walls are home to fungus growth and absolute  no-no if you suffer from asthma or any other breathing problems.

5. Bathe twice a day.

A shower as soon as you reach home in the evening will insulate you against infections caused by the build-up of sweat and dirt due tu humidity. Take vitamin C to boost your immunity.

6. Don't leave home without a mosquito repellent.

Accumulated water is breeding ground for insects and monsoons are party time for malaria.
always wear or carry a mosquito repellent.

7. Avoid touching your eyes.

Eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye , dry eyes and corneal ulcers are common during the monsoons.
this can lead to blindness if ignored . Refrain from toching eyes especially with dirty hands.

so..hope you enjoyed reading this artical and apply these precaution in this monsoons and be healthy. so please share this artical to your family and friends to ensure that no one get bed this monsoons. Thanks everyone for your support.

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